Write better with Markdown

A text is the most common way of passing information online. It's simple, efficient and it works everywhere. When writing a paper or an article, there »

From Xamarin to Asp.Net MVC

When I was switching a job, it opened up some new opportunities for me. There were some positions for iOS (Xamarin or native) developers, which I »

3rd semester - DONE

It's February 2017. Last month was a little bit stressful because it was an ending of the semester. And that of course, means exams! In this »

iSwitched to Chromebook

In past three years, I was a happy user of my 13-inch MacbookPro Retina. But somehow, I managed to damage it (drown in a beer). So »


There are moments in our lives when we prioritize things and forget about the less important ones. Last two months were very hard and time-consuming for »