There are moments in our lives when we prioritize things and forget about the less important ones.

Last two months were very hard and time-consuming for me, but I can definitely consider them as one of the best in my life. In this blog post, I'll write the reason why.

In past two years, I've been working as an iOS developer in my own company that I co-founded. It wasn't perfect, but I was quite happy with my job. I enjoyed freedom but worked hard to push new functionalities out there as soon as possible. But as it is with startups, the money went away and we had to look for another investment to keep our company alive. Unfortunately, nothing came out from the negotiations, so I had to leave, after half a year without a salary.

I've never cared very much about money. They won't bring you happiness and I'm sure, they shouldn't be the main reason and criteria when picking a job. Although, half a year was more than enough for me and my savings. So my next step was obvious and a bit scary for me. I had to find a new job!

in between

Changes are always tuff. It's that little fight you have to overcome until everything settles down. But as it is known, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Stepping out of comfort zone may seem dangerous, but it's worth it.

Since I ever started working as a software developer, I was doing one person job as a home office 90% of my time. It suited me very well, as I had the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere. On the other side, I've always been wondering, about the "true development" of something bigger, involving more people working together to achieve the goal.

There was an opportunity for me, to continue working freelance, but the curiosity was stronger. So I told myself, why not to try it! I'll see how it works for me and I'll manage according to that in the future.

There were few offers, but after initial "cleanup", I was deciding between the two best ones. At the one side, there was a company located in my hometown, in the newly made team that focuses on finance market, and at the other, in the city where my school is, a huge company that focuses on medical projects.

It wasn't an easy choice for me, but I decided to pick based on feelings, that money or traveling factor. An the second one was exactly that I was looking for. People, atmosphere, interesting projects and flexibility they offered were keys that persuaded me, that it will be a good decision.

And now, I can say, that it definitely was! I am really happy, that I made a right choice. I feel that it was the right decision for me to grow up as a developer. And I hope that I will be able to say that again, in few months and even years.

Also. There is another one, huge personal change in my life. At the 19th of October, I became a father of a lovely girl. Her name is Alice, she is healthy and beautiful. I couldn't be more proud, and I'm happy that I found the true meaning of a life. :)