4th semester DONE

Alright, I've been quite busy last months, so I haven't managed to write any blogs. I've been finishing my semester, spending a lot of time at work and doing few side projects at my free time.

In this blog, I would like to sum up my last semester at the University. It's been a bit different than the previous ones. And I have to say, that the variety of classes fits best for me. So let us get started.

English language

I'm starting with the most useless class (for me). I do understand, that it is important in IT industry to be able to communicate in international languages, with the English language at the top. But, it was the beginner level focused on those who knew just the basics. What I see positive, is that it was focused on IT stuff. So the result from that class was my presentation and paper about the Operating systems, which can be found here.

Database systems

I've always had a bit of an interest in databases since I'm using them on daily basis. But, it was my first experience with OracleDB. Our lectors made this course very interesting so I was quite enjoying the lectures. We started with the basics as an introduction for people that have never been working with DBs. But at the end, we also touched some more advanced topics. As a part of this course, I've been working on my project of designing and implementing DB for "Sofware bugs management system".


Formal languages

One of my favorite courses of the university right now. It's something that I have never experienced before, so I was learning from the day 1. Learning about programming languages, their syntax and rules were great. Lectures were strongly theoretical, but at the seminars, we've been building upon that knowledge and writing compiler for our custom designed language for simplified architecture of virtual PC.

As it was an interesting experience for my, I'm planning to touch that topic in a separated blogpost.

Computer networks

Although I don't see myself working as a network admin or something, it is an interesting topic to learn. I really enjoy the theory (idea) behind the protocols, routing, switching and so. But on the other hand, I don't like playing with metal or configuring inside packet tracer. To be honest, the level of lectures in this course was really great (with a respect to beginners)! It was basically CCNA 1 and 2. (I had CCNA 1 - 4 at my high school, so that was my second time.)

Development in .NET environment

The last subject was something, that is currently my favorite technology and my daily driver at work. Most of the experience in my professional career is with C# and .Net technologies, so I was happy that it's been taught at my university. (Since I enjoy the technology, I believe that it'll be useful to my classmates.)

I spend this semester working on my own project, that was a chess app based on Asp .Net MVC framework.


Last semester was probably the most interested one yet. We had a lot of IT / computer related courses. It wasn't hard at all, but it's always great to work with things that are close to me and my profession.